Benefits for Tour Operators / Agents

Res24Seven offers Operators and Agents the ability to view and book a multitude of Southern African hotels, lodges, guest house and B&B’s on their own booking system or on one single external reservation system., all on a completely live and instantaneous basis.

Through the provision of an OTA specification XML API, Res24SEven is able to provide direct availability and booking facilities to any system that is able to accept an XML API. Each operator sees their own contracted rates and should they not have contracted rates at certain establishments, access is granted to Res24Seven’s negotiated STO rates.

The inventory available on Res24Seven is a direct view of the inventory available at the property thanks to our interfaces into the various property management and reservation systems. Although we do not require any form of allocation, existing allocations can be catered for on the system.

Res24Seven allows you to instantly check establishment availability (either by establishments or by various category search filters) on your own system and to seamlessly make live, confirmed reservations at your chosen establishments. No more phone calls, emails and faxes.

The reservation is then automatically placed in the property’s reservation system and the property receives and email notifying them of the reservation made, with all the relevant agent/operator and client details.

What does this cost?
The software and the XML API are free; Res24Seven earns revenue by way of very reasonable transaction fees .