Benefits for Establishments

Properties get free repesentation on all websites using Res24Seven; these include, amongst others, the single biggest e-commerce site in Africa ( and the single biggest internet community in Africa (the Media 24 group via

Tour operators are far more likely to book propeties whose inventory they can access on a live basis on their own systems. We are currently able to distribute your inventory to Thompsons, Tourvest and Go2Africa and our Tour Plan interface allows us to extend this network to all our Tour Operators using this system.

Although traditional sales channels still need to form an integral part of any sales strategy, the number of links in this chain and the way in which they want to be serviced is changing dramatically. The savvy agents and operators are able to source far more information on the internet (on-line reviews, product and region information) and are now more than ever in a position to make decisions for themselves as to where they want to book their clients. It is becoming more and more important for them to have the tools to make these bookings without having to contact a multitude of properties.

The demand for access to live availability on the agents’/operators’ own booking systems is growing all the time. Looking ahead this kind of access should form part of any sales and marketing plan.

How do we earn revenue?
Revenue is earned in two ways:

  1. Commissions
    Res24Seven contracts with all the properties on its system and negotiates STO rates or commission structures with each of these properties.
  2. Transaction Fees
    Should Tour Operators reserve inventory via Res24Seven, we charge the relevant property a transaction fee.